Prodigy Rehabilitation Group

“Healthcare Management and Consulting Services” 

A trusted partner for SNFs & CCRCs looking to reduce costs,

improve clinical outcomes and enhance patient experience.

SNF In-House Therapy Management

Explore our specialized capabilities in in-house therapy conversion, providing comprehensive management & oversight. Our solutions empower facilities to achieve significant cost savings in current therapy expenses, while enhancing services and maintaining control of their dedicated teams.

Nursing Informatics

Discover how our nursing informatics specialists seamlessly interpret virtual care’s technical and operational needs. We assess core tools, craft detailed project plans, and expertly execute system implementation and ongoing support for a streamlined healthcare experience.

MDS Consulting, Audits & Training

Tap into the expertise of our MDS specialists for accurate coding, remote audits, precise payment assessment, QM and QRP support. We provide comprehensive assistance, including training for new MDS staff and continuous consultation, ensuring your team stays informed through ongoing education.

Nurse Consulting, Audits & Training

Elevate your SNF with our nurse consulting services. From mock surveys to addressing operation issues, our experts specialize in survey matters and documentation audits, ensuring excellence in nursing practices tailored to your unique environment.

Med Records Consulting, Audits & Training

Explore our Medical Records and ICD-10 Audits to gain insights into your staff’s coding practices and identify potential exposure to inaccuracies. Our expertise assists your staff in recognizing pitfalls, implementing corrective measures for accurate coding.

Infection Preventionist Consulting

Elevate the management of day-to-day Surveillance and Prevention processes in your Long Term Care facility with our assistance. This crucial aspect is essential for both local Health Department and CDPH compliance in the daily operation.

Benefits of Working with Prodigy Rehabilitation Group:

  • Cost savings: We help SNFs & CCRCs save money on their therapy services by providing in-house therapy conversion and management services.
  • Increased control: By converting to an in-house therapy model, SNFs & CCRCs can have more control over their therapy services which can lead to improved clinical outcomes and a better patient experience.
  • Compliance: We help SNFs & CCRCs with their MDS, nursing, and medical records compliance. This can help to avoid penalties and ensure that the organization is meeting all of the necessary requirements.
  • Training and Education: We provide training and education on a variety of healthcare topics. This can help to improve the skills and knowledge of your frontline staff.

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