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Our main concern in not going in-house from the beginning was the additional managerial distraction that might entail from direct hiring instead of simply outsourcing. Prodigy has made sure that those concerns were resolved for us.  The transition has been perfectly smooth and successful.  The Prodigy Team helped with the overall transition plan, implementation of the software, hardware specifications, recruiting and hiring decisions, and ongoing support and management of the therapy department in both our buildings. The whole process has been very organized and everything is running well. 

R. Baldwin
Facility Owner, CA

When we decided to terminate our contract therapy company and move the rehab department in-house, we met with Prodigy. Their explanation of the entire process, level of communication and the final execution of the plan were absolutely perfect and the transition itself was seamless! We were informed of every step throughout the entire process. They will continue to manage our in-house therapy department for us; which means as an administrator, I don’t have to manage yet another department, and, I save thousands of dollars on my rehab cost per month by staying in-house. We highly recommend you speaking with Prodigy about their services.”

D. Price
Executive Director and Facility Owner, CA

“With the PDPM changes last October, we decided to bring our therapy in-house. We had used Prodigy and its consultants for the past few years and they had helped us with everything from rehab issues to Nursing, MDS, Medical Records and QASP payment questions. This time, they helped us take the therapy department in-house and they took care of everything from the beginning through the transition date and beyond. We have asked them to continue their management of rehab team going forward. We stay profitable by cutting the cost of therapy contracting, receive better service from our therapy team and remain compliant by using Prodigy’s Nursing and MDS consultants. Contact them and find out what they can do for you and your operation!”

J. Jordan

Administrator and Facility Owner, CA

“We used Prodigy when we decided to transition our therapy team from contract to in-house. They met with us, reviewed our goals and needs, then took care of everything; from the therapy EMR, to training and education. They are helping us obtain our Outpatient license, and on a regular basis, they help us with supportive solutions. We couldn’t have transitioned to the in-house model successfully without Prodigy.

D. Reeves
Administrator, CA

“We have used Prodigy’s consulting and training services in MDS, ICD-10, Nursing and Medical Records. They prepared us for PDPM and my staff felt very good and ready for the payment model change. Prodigy staff always respond well and timely to our needs. They have been a tremendous help to our clinical staff and we rely on them to keep us updated with the current regulations and industry changes. I highly recommend their services.” 

D. Gupta

Administrator, CA

“The Prodigy team has been a tremendous help to our clinical and operational staff. They have provided us multiple educational webinars and in-person trainings in topics directly related to PDPM. We feel confident that with Prodigy’s help, we will successfully navigate through the upcoming payment changes.”

J. Gitonga
Director of Health Services, Bay Area, CA

We hired Prodigy when our previous consultant didn’t seem to be effective and responsive. Prodigy brought new software, training, quality education and proper oversight to the rehab team. Best of all, we are able to keep the profit instead of giving it away to contract rehab companies.  If you are considering an in-house model, you should contact Prodigy.
V. Young

Administrator, CA

When we were in need of establishing an internal outpatient department, we were referred to Prodigy. They listened to understand our needs and then took care of everything, and to date they continue to support our Therapists clinically and operationally.
T. Dobronravova

Director, San Francisco, CA

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