In-House Therapy Management

  Improve Service, Contain Cost, Take Back Control

Proper Management

A successful therapy department has a tremendous impact on referrals from hospitals and physicians. It can make a facility first, as well as last, on the list of hospitals and discharge planners. 

The collaboration between Therapy and other departments; MDS, Medical Records and Nursing is an essential part of a strong and successful strategy to overcome the challenges of the new payment model. As a “cost center”, therapy should not be managed separately. There is too much at stake to have therapy operate in Silo. Why would you want to have another company with their own interests manage therapy for you? Bring it in-house! 


Benefits of In-House Therapy and Why You Should Consider It

Available Consultants

Our consultants are available to conduct an initial analysis for you and determine the strengths, as well as the areas of opportunities within your rehab department.

Other areas of expertise include:

In-House Conversion; Retain 100% of Your Rehab Revenue!

You don’t have to contract out your rehab department. Consider running the program in-house and save thousands of dollars each month. We are here to help you from the beginning all the way through!

Management of In-House Therapy Teams

If your rehab department is already in-house but you can’t keep up with all the Clinical and regulatory changes, our experts can oversee your Rehab program. You will gain substantial efficiency, well trained clinicians, and a cost-effective department.  

Audits and Denials Assistance

Our experts and master clinicians can conduct audits on your therapy document to assure it meets Medicare requirements, appropriateness and  accuracy. We can also provide assistance in case of Medicare Denials.

3rd Party Contract Negotiations

If you have contracted out your rehab department, we can review and analyze your current contractual agreement, and provide expertise and guidance on possible rates adjustments and other contractual terms and conditions.

Clinical Program Development and Training

Development of clinical programs specific to your facility needs, ongoing training and education of rehab staff related to the industry, federal and state regulatory changes.

Therapy Software For Your Therapy Department

We go beyond just helping you with finding the best software for your therapy team, by negotiating the best price, set up implementation and trainings, in addition to maintaining the software per federal and state law.

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